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HIRAM CLAY KELLOGG SR. was born near St. Helena, Napa County, on Admission Day, September 9, 1855, the eldest son and child of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Orilla (Lillie) Kellogg, both descendants of old new England families who were among the pioneer settlers of Illinois,married (1)Victoria Charlotte Schultz; (2) Helen Vianna Kellogg.

Perhaps no one does more to help in the development of a new country and particularly to benefit future generations than the efficient civil engineer, and for this reason the name of H. Clay Kellogg of Santa Ana is indelibly associated with Orange County. His works will live as monuments after he has passed hence. From the earliest days of the county up to the present time, and not alone in this section is his work known, but throughout the state and beyond its confines he has long been recognized as one of the most able men in his profession.

He became the Engineer for the City of Santa Ana; constructed the first dam in Gila Bend, Arizona; laid out the town of Corona and similar engineering accomplishments for Elsinore; surveyed the route of the railroad between Riverside and San Bernardino, built, then operated the line for several months; surveyed for a new road through the Santa Ana Canyon which was not then selected, but became the route of the present freeway.

Constructed two large reservoirs in Hawaiian Islands; held many positions of prominence and trust.

His home, though moved from Clay’s property, is now located at Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana. Visit: Heritage Museum.

ERWIN F. KELLOGG Was born December 31, 1858. Erwin F. Kellogg received his primary education in the common schools of Orange county, and in 1882 entered a college in San Francisco, where he took a business course.

He later was employed in a wholesale commission house, where he remained for three years. Some time later he and his brother established a general store in West Anaheim and continued in business two years.

After selling out E. F. Kellogg came back to Anaheim and took charge of his father's ranch from the original acreage of which a portion had been sold. Since assuming charge of the estate Mr. Kellogg bought twenty acres, in addition to ten acres previously purchased, and of this twenty acres are in walnuts, besides which he gives considerable attention to general farming and raising garden truck.

He has met with uniform success in his labors and is well and favorably known throughout Orange county, where he is regarded as one of the progressive men. He makes his home with his mother and they are both members of the Anaheim Christian Church, in which he takes an active interest.

LEONARD GRANT KELLOGG,Was born at St. Helena in Napa County, July 1, 1862, married Allie Sedalia White. He was seven years of age when his parents, in 1869 moved to Anaheim, and he grew up there and acquired his education in the public schools. At the age of sixteen he became a contractor and for some years did a profitable business in the planting and pruning of orchards and vineyards. In the meantime he attended Heald's Business College at San Franscisco. At the age of twenty-two, he bought a general store at Anaheim, but soon sold out to engage in the real estate business. He assisted in building a railway from Pasadena to Linda Vista, and was its manager for two years. The general business and financial depressions that settled on Southern California in 1888 overtook him, but he succeeded in paying his obligations by again contracting in the laying out and planting orchards of lemons and oranges. From 1889 to 1894, at intervals, he carried on the study of law in the office of Judge Anson Brunson, was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of California and confined his energies to the routine of a law practice until 1898.

In 1898 associated with Byron O. Clark and other Los Angeles men, he went to the Hawaiian Islands and spent twelve years there developing the pineapple industry.

Mary Elizabeth is the wife of Byron O. Clark and a resident of Honolulu, Sandwich Islands.

Louisa Jane is the wife of Lumia Almerrin Evans, of Anaheim.

Edward Lawley married Gertrude Etna Snyder, is a graduate of Heald's Business College and is engaged in farming and horticulture.

Lillie May married William Dunlap and died in Anaheim.

Effie Clair Kellogg is now Mrs. Carl Raab, of El Monte, and is in the creamery business.

Carrie Abigail b.March 29, 1872, married Richard Neil Bird, of Anaheim 1 June 1895.



Martha Justina Raab - born March 15, 1874, at home, South Pasadena. Martha became close friends with EFFIE CLARE KELLOGG, who would become her sister in law.

Martha died a young woman at the age of 23 and is interred beside her mother at Mt View Cemetery. The cause of her death is not known and no records are found.

During CARL's many visits to the family's several dairies in what became Orange County, he and EFFIE CLAIRE KELLOGG became acquainted when she carried milk to the RAAB Creamery near her home. And, we might wonder if she may have made more visits than business actually required as their acquaintance grew.

A letter written by EFFIE to MARTHA, dated December 23, 1892, mentions the hardships the KELLOGG family was enduring during the two years since the death of her father BENJAMIN, as well as some interesting and personal feelings on her part. (A letter from EFFIE in Anaheim to Martha in 1892 is in possession of Leonard Raab. The address on the envelope is simply: Miss Martha Raab, South Pasadena, California. The postage was two cents).

(This letter on following pages in EFFIE's own handwriting. The simple address on the envelope is proof of the sparse settlement of Pasadena and surrounding areas in 1892)


CARL FREDRIC RAAB I - born February 5. 1872, at home, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County and EFFIE CLAIRE KELLOGG were married at San Diego and honeymooned at the new and elaborate Coronado Hotel across the bay.

(My grandfather told me that their wedding party traveled from Anaheim by carriage and light wagon, as there then was not yet a railroad to San Diego. The party was required to stay one night at the San Luis Rey Mission because of the great distance. - Leonard Raab)

The family first made their home in Anaheim quite close to the KELLOGG property and here the first four of their eight children were born.

Then, in 1903, Carl's father, DAVID died from an injury being kicked by a horse. CARL had become the manager of the family business some years before, and the full responsibility now fell on his shoulders.

Sometime before 1899, CARL and EFFIE moved their family to El Monte and here the other four of their children were born.

Then, on November 11, 1907, EFFIE died, leaving CARL with seven children to raise. Fortunately for the family there was their maternal grandmother, MARY ORILLA, and Aunt EMMA and AUGUSTA, the latter all of the children remember as "Grandmother Raab" - to provide maternal love and guidance as the children would live at the RAAB or KELLOGG home until CARL married again some years later.


DOROTHY AUGUSTA RAAB Born December 6, 1893

PHYLLIS ANITA RAAB Born March 11, 1895

EFFIE ESTELLE RAAB Born July 29, 1896

ALFRED DAVID RAAB Born November 30, 1897

CARL FREDRIC RAAB II Born August 8, 1899

HELEN VICTORIA RAAB Born September 11, 1901

ORILLA LILLIE RAAB Born August 11, 1903

LLOYD KELLOGG RAAB Born August 26, 1906 and died in 1908