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Our Kellogg Book

California, Wagons Ho!

The contents of these pages is taken almost entirely from a book written by Franklin Erwin Kellogg, great-grandfather of my husband David Robert Kellogg,in Goleta, California and published by Rogers and Morley Printers, Santa Barbara, California. September 9, 1907. The book has been handed down in his family for many years.

I want to personally thank Leonard Raab and his family for their encouragement to go on with this site, and the invaluable information he has given me about our "shared family tree." Leonard's great-grandfather , B.F.E. Kellogg was our great-great grandfather, Florentine's, youngest brother and traveled with him out West in 1846.

Thank you so much Leonard, I really couldn't have done it without you!

This book is about the ancestors and descendants of Florentine Erwin Kellogg and his wife Rebecca Jane Williams. Also a short biographical sketch of each in honor of their memory by their son Franklin Erwin Kellogg.

I also have copied information taken from the book "The Kellogg's in the Old and New World", author Timothy Hopkins, published in 1903.

Sonja Svensson Kellogg, wife of David Robert Kellogg.

" Acknowledgments: In the compilation of the genealogical and biographical facts set forth in the following pages, I am indebted to the late Rufus B. Kellogg of Green Bay, Wisconsin, author of a History of the Kelloggs in the United States; to Isabel T. Ray, author of a biographical sketch of the late Rev. Elijah Kellogg, published in the New England Magazine of June, 1902; to my aunt, Mrs. Abigail Elizabeth Williams of Pomona, California, sister to my father, and wife of my mother's brother John Williams (now in her 94th year); and lastly and chiefly to my father, the late Florentine Erwin Kellogg..

Also for an account of some of the Napa Valley pioneer events, and especially the history of the old Bale Mill. I am indebted to my brother-in-law the late George W. Tucker of Calistoga."

Franklin Erwin Kellogg