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Florentine Erwin and Rebecca Jane's Children


The first child was Angeline Elizabeth. She was born at Plum River, Ill., October 1, 1838, and died near Calistoga, California on August 19, 1881. She received a liberal education at the University of the Pacific.

She married Geo. W. Tucker, a farmer, January 1, 1858. He was a pioneer neighbor who arrived in California with his father, R.P.Tucker, in 1846, being born at Zanesville, Ohio, December 15, 1831. He was also one of the rescuers of the Donner Party in 1846 at the age of sixteen years. His death occurred at Calistoga on August 16, 1907.

Their wedding was one of the notable events of early pioneer days in Napa Valley. There were many scores of guests who came from all parts of the valley, and some from other valleys.

The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. James Corwin, and to accommodate the great crowd of people, took place on the front piazza, the witnesses, excepting the immediate relatives, occupying the front yard and the road beyond.

In the midst of the ceremony an amusing incident occurred. When the minister solemnly said: "If any one can show cause why these two persons should not be joined in matrimony, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace," little five-year-old Florentine Leslie, whose mind was thoroughly imbued with the idea that the ceremony meant the permanent departure of his sister from home, could stand the strain no longer, and making an impetuous dash for her he seized her dress, and declared that George Tucker should not have her.

A bountiful wedding dinner was served in the large dining room, the tables being filled again and again, until more than one hundred had partaken of the feast.

In the natural disposition of Angeline Elizabeth Kellogg Tucker there seemed to be blended the best qualities of both her parents, which, accompanied by her good education, made her simply a model woman in every respect. She died from pulmonary trouble at the early age of 43.

Mrs. Angeline Elizabeth Kellogg Tucker at the age of 20 years.

The second child of F.E. Kellogg and R.J. Kellogg, was Philander Elisha, born at Plum River Ill., November 23, 1841, and died Goleta, Cal., June 28, 1884. He married Hester Jane Spires, September 19, 1861. She was born October 28, 1843, and died in Napa Valley, April 19, 1866. He married Sarah Jane Montgomery, August 30,1868. She was born in Oregon, October 10,1850, and died at Goleta, Cal., July 17, 1903.

He was very philanthropic in his nature, very strongly resembling his mother in general characteristics. In his young manhood he was very strong and robust, and weighed nearly two hundred pounds. At the age of 40, he suffered from a severe attack of pnuemonia, which was soon followed by pulmonary trouble, of which he died in his 43rd year. He was a farmer.

This is Philander Elisha Kellogg at 18 years.

The third child was Rebecca Jane , named after her mother. Born May 8, 1845, at Plum River, Ill., died in Napa Valley, March 15, 1859, being in her 14th year.

She was a very thoughtful and religious child, with a strong tendency, and an unusual fondness for poetry. Her parents considered her to be the most intellectual one of their children. After her death, which was from typhoid fever, there were found among her effects nearly one hundred poems, most of them very choice selections, which she had clipped from papers. These poems were afterwards pasted in a scrapbook in rememberance of her by her parents, and the book is still preserved among the family relics.

Rebecca Jane Kellogg at the age of 13 years.

The fourth child was Frances Louisa, born in Napa Valley, California, April 9, 1849, and died June 6, 1866. Her sickness being of short duration. She was married in 1865 to her school teacher Clinton S. Campbell, at the age of 16 years.

She was a loving, obedient daughter, and a kind hearted sister, and had a wide circle of friends to mourn her early death.

Frances Louisa Kellogg at the age of 12 years.

The fifth child was FRANKLIN ERWIN (the writer of this book) and great-grandfather of DAVID ROBERT KELLOGG my husband, who will be written about later.

The sixth child of Florentine and Rebecca Jane Kellogg, was Florentine Leslie, At 27 years. He was born in Napa Valley, Cal., October 7, 1853. Graduated from Illinois College at Jacksonville, Ill., in June, 1873.

Was married October 1,1873, at Jacksonville, Ill. (where she was born, raised, and graduated from college) to May Amelia Chamberlain, daughter of Timothy and Amanda Buckley Chamberlain, and grand-daughter of James Buckley, the second pioneer with a family to settle in Morgan County, Ill.

The attention of the reader is called again to the fact that Florentine Leslie Kellogg's grandfather Capt. Elisha Kellogg, was the first pioneer to settle in Morgan County, Ill. Thus it is an interesting circumstance that Florentine Leslie and his wife were respectively the descendants of the first two pioneer families of Morgan County, Ill.

In company with his wife he came to Santa Barbara, Cal., in 1873, where he at first engaged in the study of law, until admitted to the bar. Soon after he began the practice of law which office he performed so efficiently that he was soon elected County Clerk, and was reelected to the same office for the next four consecutive terms, until his clerkship as deputy and principal had covered sixteen years.

Since leaving the court house he has principally followed clerical pursuits. He has one of the most beautiful homes in the city of Santa Barbara,

both the building and grounds being planned entirely by himself and his wife, and he has growing on the premises very many of the trees, shrubs and flowers that grew wild among the hills of his early Napa Valley home. He is a prosperous man and stands high in the esteem of his fellow townsmen.

The seventh and last child was little Mary Ellen, born June 15, 1857, and died May 14, 1859. They considered her the most beautiful one of their children. "Little Mary Kellogg, aged 22 months , was accidentally drowned in a reservoir at her father's in Napa Valley, on the 14th of May, 1859." As told by Mrs. Maria Marsh, one of Rebecca's best friends.

Little Mary, loved and loving
Full of glee the livelong day;
Like the summer clouds of evening,
Little Mary passed away.
Gentle, laughing, gladsome Mary,
Ever busy with her play;
Like the dew drops in the morning
From the earth hath passed away.
Friends were round her kind and tender
Fondly luring her to stay;
But, as flits a gleam of sunshine,
From their sight she passed away.
When she rose that fatal morning,
Bright her eye, her laugh as gay;
But ere fell the shade of evening,
Her pure soul had passed away.
For from Heaven through fields of ether
Angels came in bright array-
Far above they gently bore her,
As from earth she passed away.