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Our Fallen Hero

Franklin Erwin and Sarah Frances Foster Kellogg

The children of Frank E. and Sarah Kellogg are:

l. Elmer Philander

born in Napa Valley, Cal., on October 20, 1873. Is the proprietor of the Potter Dairy Farm in Santa Barbara County. Married Jessie V. Catlett, May 19, 1895. She was born in Goleta, Cal, August 9, 1877, her parents were Ezra A. and Anette Catlett, whose maiden name was Smith.

Their children are: 1, Thelma Anette, born in Goleta, February 17,1896; 2. Clyde Elmer, born in Santa Barbara, September 15, 1904. Elmer Kellogg is also the proprietor of the Potter Poultry Farm where 30,000 pigeons are kept.

2. Minnie Loretta,

born Napa Valley, November 17, 1874. She is a normal school graduate and taught school for ten years. Married Fred L. Hogue in Denver, Colorado, November 16, 1905. He was born in Belmont, Ohio, May 16, 1873. His parents were L.B.and Almeda Hogue, whose maiden name was Lewis, both of whom were born in Ohio.

Fred and Minnie have one daughter named Frances Elizabeth, after her two great great maternal grandmothers, and was born in the city of Santa Barbara on March 3, 1907.

F.L. Hogue is a farmer and dealer in farm products, a representative farmer of Santa Barbara County and a member of the firm of Hogue Kellogg Company engaged in the seed and bean business at Ventura.

3. Mary Rebecca,

born in Round Valley, Cal., August 11, 1876. Married May 16, 1905,to Randolph C. Watson, head bookkeeper for the above mentioned firm of Hogue Kellogg Company. He was born in San Franscisco, Cal., January 31, 1867. His parents were Alexander and Patience Watson, maiden name Swanton. He was born in Edinburg, Scotland, she was born in Ireland.

Before marriage Mary Rebecca was a book-keeper and stenographer.

4. Clara Louise,

born in Goleta, September 15, 1878. Died September 4, 1879.


born at Goleta, California, December 8, 1880. He is a book-keeper and is entering a business career. He received a good college education.
Is the Mayor of the City of Ventura and partner of the firm of Hogue Kellogg Company.

Lived for many years in Salinas area, and Tracy California, owned Kellogg Seed and Bean Company.
Had three sons, Robert Maxwell, Francis, and Richard Kellogg.

6. Clarence Franklin

born Goleta, Cal., October 9, 1883. Recently graduated from the San Francisco Veterinary College and also passed the government examination for Inspector, and immediately received a responsible and lucrative government appointment.

He was married in Napa, Cal., July 28, 1907, to Anna Joan Christiansen, who was born in Napa, November 11, 1881. She is a graduate from San Jose state normal school of the class of 1903, and has been employed in the public schools since then, until the time of her marriage. Her parents are Peter Christiansen who was born in Denmark, August 19, 1843, and Nellie Christiansen, maiden name Hansen, who was born in Sweden, June 25, 1857, and who died in Napa Cal, September 20, 1906.

Peter and his wife were married in Napa , March 23, 1880.

He was a Federal Veterinary Inspector at the plant of the Cudahy Packing Company in L.A.

7.Leonard Florentine

born at Goleta, August 5, 1889. He is at present a student in the Lick school of mechanical arts at San Franscisco. Prosperous farmer near Lompoc, Santa Barbara County.