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Franklin Erwin Kellogg

FRANKLIN ERWIN KELLOGG,(the author of this book) was born in Napa Valley, Cal., September 22, 1851. Graduated from Illinois College at Jacksonville, Ill., on June 6, 1872. Married Sarah Frances Foster, August 15, 1872. She was born at Greenfield, Ill., September 8,1850. Her parents were: Asbury Milton Foster, born February 24, 1824. Died
July 2, 1901, and Mary Louisa Larimore (Foster), born July 4, 1831. Died April 12,1884. She received a liberal education at the Woman's College in Jacksonville, Ill.

FRANK E. KELLOGG spent the first year after his marriage in the study of law in Hannibal, Missouri. In June, 1873, in company with his wife, he returned to Napa Valley the place of his birth. For the next fourteen years his principal occupation was school-teaching.

In February 1877, he removed to Goleta, California, where for the following ten consecutive years he was the Principal of the grammar school.

He came to Goleta, primarily to run the 60 acre ranch presented to him by his father, and which cost $150 per acre. He planted the tract principally to English walnuts. He kept the farm with the exception of four acres and made it his continuous home for more than thirty years and then sold it for $1,000 per acre to John F. More, on April 24, 1907.

Also for the last eleven years of his ownership of this farm, he was a director and the secretary and manager at Goleta by unanimous vote of the Santa Barbara County Walnut Growers' Association, during which time almost one million dollars worth of nuts were sold by the association, every dollar of which was collected.

Mr. Kellogg had been a valued leader in both civic and industrial advancement in his native commonwealth, and while residing on his farm he was for many years retained as one of the corps of lecturers for the State Farmers Institute, his addresses, always vigorous and practical, having been mainly on the subjects of the English walnut, dairying and transportation facilities and needed legislation. He was specially insistent in his advocacy, through the public addresses of the initiative and referendum policy in popular elections and also the policy of recall of incompetent or otherwise undesirable public officials.

In 1882 he established the Goleta Dairy and in 1889 he amplified this enterprise by founding the Goleta Creamery, both of which were continued in operation under his effective direction until July 31, 1907.

On the 1st of March, 1907, Franklin E. Kellogg, was elected secretary of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, and in his six years incumbency of this important position he made a characteristically vigorous and effective administration. During his administration he exerted powerful influence of the erection of the new postoffice building in Santa Barbara, the founding in this city of the California Normal School of Manual Arts and Economics, and in the constuction of the viaducts along the Rincon Beach between Santa Barbara and Ventura.

He had been an ardent advocate of the building of storage resevoirs for irrigation purposes and in behalf of this cause he has delivered many effective public addresses.

He was appointed to find the best system of water service for Santa Barbara, and in his judgement, as in George Wright, the city engineer, was to impound the water of the Santa Ynez River and to bring it by tunnel to the city.

Nine years were required to complete this great public utility improvement, and the tunnel was 19,560 feet in length. The incidental project was the largest ever attempted by so small a city as Santa Barbara. To accomplish the purpose the city issued bonds to a total of $600,000 and up to the time of this writing, in 1916, the revenue from the sale of water has brought more money into the city tresury than the amont of the bond payments and interest.

After his death he was recognized for his interest and involvement with water supply and irrigation by the naming of a portion of the California Aqueduct in his name.

In conclusion is entered brief record concerning the children of Franklin and Sarah Foster Kellogg, Elmer P. is proprietor of the Pottery Dairy Farm in Santa Barbara County. Minnie L. is the wife of Fred L. Hogue, a representative farmer of Santa Barbara County and a member of the firm of Hogue Kellogg Company engaged in the Seed and Bean business in Ventura. Mary R. is the wife of R. C. Watson, head bookkeeper for the above mentioned firm of Hogue Kellogg Company. ERWIN ASBURY is the Mayor of the City of Ventura and partner of the firm of Hogue Kellogg Company. Clarence F. is federal Veterinary Inspector at the plant of the Cudahy Packing Company in the City of Los Angeles. Leonard F. is a prosperous young farmer in Lompoc, Santa Barbara County.

He is one of the popular and appreciative members of Santa Barbara Parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West.