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Close Neighbors and Friends

Among the California neighbors and intimate friends of
FLORENTINE ERWIN KELLOGG and wife Rebecca, some of whom were pioneers who came before the discovery of gold were
Elijah Biars, the Ritchies, Starkses, Tuckers, Kilburns, Nashes, Lillies, Hoovers, Wrights, Owsleys, Fowlers, Cyruses,Graveses, Newmans, Barnetts, McDonnells, Keyses, Spierses, Marshes, Eveys, Butlers, Hopkinses, Teals, Clarks,
Younts, Hoppers, Fultons, Yorks, Hudsons, Howells, Childses, Cranes, Carvers, Davises, Morrises, Hillmans, Seeleys, Combses, Hartsons, Boggses, Goodmans, Stillwagons, Ellises, and Micklinbergs, and especially their relatives, B.F.E." Frank" Kellogg * and family, the Gesfords and Lawleys, and the Williamses of Nevada City.

Among their especial ministerial friends were the Revs. S.D.Simonds, J. Brier, James Corwin, E.A.Hazen, J.J.Cleveland, Colin Anderson, W.W. Morrow, W.B. MKay, D.H.
Dryden, J.R. Tansey, Jesse T. Peck, D.D. (Bishop), Eleazer Thomas, D.D.(Editor of C.C. Advocate, murdered by the Modoc Indians in 1873) and M.C. Briggs, D.D.

Among the pioneer school teachers of the valley were:
Mrs. Sarah Graves Fosdick in 1848, Mrs.Abigail E. Williams in 1850, Miss Sarah Thompson in 1852, J.V.Porter, G.Rowley, J.E.Pond, John Lawley, David Ogan, J.H.Jenkins, George Norman(the first teacher of the writer of this book and his brother Florentine Leslie about 1858 or 1859), -Peas,-Moore,and -Bailey.

*Benjamin Franklin Ephriam Kellogg, also called "Frank", is not to be confused with Franklin Erwin
the author of this book. He was named after Benjamin, his Uncle, who was often called "Frank", instead of B.F.E. Kellogg.