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The FIRST in our line of soldiers was LIEUTENANT JOSEPH KELLOGG

He was a selectman in Hadley, 1665,'74, '77, '79, '81, '85, '92. Early in the history of New England , Military Companies or "train bands", were formed to protect the settlers. As early as 16 May, 1661, Hadley voted there should be training.

The County Court approved the choice of Joseph Kellogg as Sergeant of the Company, March, 1663. The General Court of Massachusetts appointed him, 9 May, 1678, Ensign in the Foot Company in Hadley, and 7 Oct. of the same year, Lieutenant in the same company. He served in that office until 1692, his military service thus extending over twenty-nine consecutive years.

We learn that Captain MARTIN KELLOGG (Jr), a grandson of JOSEPH was a participant. From other histories, we know of another grandson, Captain JOSEPH, Esquire's participation.

There were other KELLOGG men personally involved in the years-long war against the French and Indians. Certainly more of the family than we know, and some even more closely involved than we know.

EBENEZER KELLOGG Jr (born about 1720) grandson of Nathaniel and Sarah (Boltwood) Kellogg, and a great-grandson of JOSEPH, was an Ensign in the 8th Massachusetts during the 1745 attack on Louisborg. His brother, EZEKIEL (b 1697) was a Captain in Colonel William Williams' Massachusetts Regiment during the Siege of Fort William Henry in 1758 and later in command of a fortress at New Salem protecting the town against Indian and French attack.

EPHRAIM KELLOGG (b 1707) brother of SILAS, died in the attack upon Louisborg in 1759.

DAVID, great-grandson of JOSEPH and ABIGAIL (TERRY) KELLOGG, and son of Captain Samuel and Mary (Ashley) Kellogg, served also in General Amherst's army in the attack upon Louisborg in 1759. DANIEL, brother of SILAS, served with General Wolfe in the expedition to Canada in 1759.

Undoubtably, there were more KELLOGGS involved in this war, which we have been unable to discover. As well as the Kellogg surname - the other surnames - BELDEN, TERRY, ROOT, SEYMOUR, are found in the histories, as well as those of other families marrying into the Kellogg family.

Of our direct ancestors and their immediate families- the following records are found. Each is listed on the DAR Rosters.

SILAS KELLOGG, son of Ensign Stephen, married RUTH ROOT, was a member of the Committee to prepare a petition of grievances sent to the King in 1774; Honored as a PATRIOT by the DAR.

Stephen,son of Ensign Stephen, served 7 weeks, 5 days in Capt.Dewey's Troopers, 1723.

Deacon Daniel,son of Ensign Stephen, was one of the four Kellogg brothers, who res. between Sheffield and Great Barrington, at a place called "Kellogg's Town." He was one of the first deacons in the church in Sheffield, being chosen selectman and treasurer at the first town meeting held in Sheffield.

Noah Kellogg, son of Ensign Stephen, he was a private in 1734, under Capt. Joseph Kellogg, at Ft. Dummer, and sentinel in Capt. Willard's Co. at the same fort 1740 to 1742. He was a Sergt. in Capt. Zenas Huggin's Co., from 19 June to 4 Nov. (year not stated, endorsed 1760)probably 1759.

ENOS KELLOGG, son of Silas, the fourth in the ancestral line,was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. He was a private in Captain Roswell Browning's company, Col. John Ashley's regiment. Enlisted July 6th, 1777, also served in the same company and regiment October 1780. The official record will be found in Volume 111, page 59, of Revolutionary war records.At the age of 33 years when the Revolution began in 1775; served in the BERKSHIRE COUNTY MILITIA as a Private and at least twice answered alarms (which were "enlistments" then, but a man was continually a member of the Militia).
His Company marched to KINGSBURY at the request of Major General Schuyler; roll sworn to in Berkshire County; also served in same Company marching northward by order of Brig. Gen. Fellows on an alarm at time FORTS GEORGE and ANNE were taken by the British; roll sworn to at Sheffield.

Ephraim, son of Deacon Silas, held many public offices, selectman from 1776-92. He served in the army at the time of Burgoyne's surrender.

Deacon Asa, son of Deacon Silas, settled in Galway, Saratoga Co. N.Y. about the time of the revolution; was a farmer; Capt. of the militia; Justice of the Peace; highly respected. He was a Sergt. in Capt. Noble's Co., Col. Brown, 29 June to 28 July, 1777; ordered into service by Brigadier Gen. Fellows and Committee of Safety, by desire of Maj-Gen. Schuyler.

Silas, son of Deacon Silas, was a selectman in 1791; several years in the Legislature; member of Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts 1821; much in public life. He was a revolutionary pensioner; was engaged in the siege of Boston, 1776; after the evacuation he marched to the city of New York, returned home, as his father was sick, started out on the "old silver tailed" mare for Boston. They went before Gen. Washington, who said "If it were not a case of necessity, I should urge both of you to remain." He turned out in 1777 on the call of Gen. Schuyler to re-enforce the northern army in opposing Gen. Burgoyne and remained until the surrender.

CAPTAIN ELISHA KELLOGG, fifth in line, served as Captain in the War of 1812. He was also a soldier in the war against the Tonawanda Indians in Illinois. He was the Captain of the surveying party sent by the government to survey the Tonawanda Indian lands, including the territory where the city of Springfield now stands.
He was a Capt. of infantry in the war of 1812, and was in the battles of Black Rock, Fort Erie and several others; he was Capt. in a company with Lieut. Worthy L. Churchill, which was ordered to march to Buffalo early in Dec., 1813; was a pensioner of the war of 1812. He was in the Black Hawk War.

PHILANDER KELLOGG, killed by and Indian who claimed
it was accidental.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN EPHRIAM KELLOGG, a pioneer and soldier in Mexican War. He enlisted in Fremont's army and served six months, being discharged at Mission San Gabriel, in April 1847. Benjamin F.E.Kellogg, also know as "Frank", has three great-grandsons that also served.

1. CARL RAAB, Enlisted in USAAF Aviation Cadet Program 23 Oct 1942, and called to active duty 8 Feb 1943, graduating as a 2nd. Lt. 12 Mar 1944 at Pecos AAF, Pecos, TX.

Flew bombardier training aircraft at Carlsbad AAF, Carlsbad, NM, until Fall of 1945. From there successfully completed B-24 four engine transition training at Liberal AAF, Liberal KS, and there remained as an instructor until end of WW II.

Served at Kirtland AAF, NM, Hamilton AFB, CA, 3 years in Japan as an air traffic controller. Flew the first transport airplane into Korea Sunday afternoon of the day the North invaded the South.

Served as OIC of Fukuoka Air Traffic Control Center in charge of all non-tactical aircraft in Southern Japan and at the same time flying transport combat missions in support of US miltary forces in Korea. Was instrumental in establishing ATC routes for Southern Japan to and from Korea.

Was severely injured in aircraft accident in Korea on July 1951. After release from hospital in 1952, continued to serve in the USAF until 31 Dec 1963 when retired with rank of Major just missing a combat tour in Vietnam.

2. LEONARD FRANK RAAB, b. 1925. Served as Navy Corpsman with Marines February 1942, to August 1947, voluntarily. Attached to 1st MARDIV on Guadalcanal and second time over with Marine Air Transport Sqdn. on Guam flying Airvac from Pelilu, Philippines, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Recalled in Korean War, stayed stateside as an NCO in charge of 120 Corpsmen and 120 bed dispensary at Camp Eliot near San Diego for 16 months.
He was sitting on Iwo enroute to Okinawa when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, all aircraft was grounded while the B29 was enroute and awhile after the bomb was dropped.

3. DAVID KELLOGG RAAB, Born April 19, 1933 in Hemet, Calif. Enlisted U.S. Navy Reserve April 23, 1950, San Diego, Calif.
Called to Active Duty, Feb. 3, 1953, San Diego, California. Boot Camp-February to April, Radio School April to June.

Assigned to Misc., duties till assignment to U.S.S. Gregory DD-801. Transported to Japan via an "old" LST 1041. {Took 28 days by way of Pearl Harbor}.

Transported from Japan to South China Sea and with duty with the 7th fleet. After spending 5 days aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Wasp was high-lind to my ship on April 18, 1954.

Worked on the Mess Deck and Chief's Mess till after we returned to State's in June of 1954. Was discharged Jan 27, 1955 with an Honorable Discharge.

His sons also served:
l. DAVID KELLOGG RAAB JR., Born in Escondido, Calif. July 7, 1956. Served in active U.S. Army from Nov. 1975 till May 1983. Served most of the time in Germany near the East German Border. Retired from Army Reserve 1995.

2. MICHAEL DAVID RAAB, Born in Provo, Utah, July 1, 1973. Serving in U.S. Air Force Reserve at this time. Air Cargo spec. Saw action during Desert Storm and other assignments in that area.

3. SCOTT R. RAAB, born in Provo, Utah, Jan. 24, 1962. Served 6 years in U.S. Navy. Saw duties in San Diego, Calif., Pacific, and other areas. He was in Electronic Warfare and was discharged as a 2nd Class Petty Officer.

Florentine's Great-grandsons:

RICHARD KELLOGG, prisoner of war in the Phillipines.
Survived Bataan March. Died last year at the age of 83.
Born December 27, 1914. Died December 30, 1997.

FRANCIS KELLOGG, Merchant Marine. Died of cancer at the age of 42.

ROBERT MAXWELL KELLOGG, b. October 22, 1916. Died July, 1978. Father of David, and my very much loved Father-in Law.

Great-Great Grandson's:
CRAIG M. KELLOGG, Dave's brother, served in the United States Army. 1965-1967.

DAVID ROBERT KELLOGG Served in United States Airforce, 1962-1966. Served at Stead Airforce Base, Reno,Nevada.